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... creating spaces that calm, nurture, awaken and restore

The home of Forest Bathing in
“The Forest”


Welcome to the home of

Wilde Earth Journeys,

the place to celebrate in, and connect with nature.



of offer from Wilde Earth Journeys

always email if you have any questions:

"A Heart Shaped Land Between Two Rivers" - Dennis Potter

Immerse yourself in Nature and embark on a leisurely foraging journey in search of the majestic St George’s Mushroom. Explore your surroundings and discover the Abundance of Spring


Adults £25 per person

Couples £40

Minors FREE with paying adults accompanying them


The workshop is run in Coleford, we will email you any joining instructions and directions after you place your order.


Do bring any snacks and refreshments you may need while the workshop is running.


Remember, dress appropriately for the weather and footwear for walking outdoors.


We look forward to meeting you there.


If you have any question please email, Thank you



St George’s Mushroom, Forage

PriceFrom £25.00
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