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... creating spaces that calm, nurture, awaken and restore

The home of Forest Bathing in
“The Forest”


Welcome to the home of

Wilde Earth Journeys,

the place to celebrate in, and connect with nature.



of offer from Wilde Earth Journeys

always email if you have any questions:

"A Heart Shaped Land Between Two Rivers" - Dennis Potter

Lead by Licensed Forestry England Guides and experienced team members we offer bespoke experience from half a day through to long weekends.


Getting away from the place of business to refresh and regroup.


Aimed at destressing and recharging allowing teams to be more.


£Price On Application, we are available to chat over your needs and offer the solutions and options that fit.

All prices used are illustrations and subject to a final confermation by us when confirming details with you.


Small - 1/2 day for a small team of 20 or less

Medium - 1 day or part of,  between business hours for small teams of 30 or less

Large - 1 day or part of between business hours for small teams of 50 or less

Custom - Let's talk and discuss your needs.


Contact us today.



Save disapointment, as soon as you know you are looking for a bespoke experince, check dates with us, we are busy and all services are subject to availability.


Team/ Corporate - Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) Experience

PriceFrom £500.00
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