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... creating spaces that calm, nurture, awaken and restore


Welcome to the home of

Wilde Earth Journeys,

the place to celebrate in, and connect with nature.

Bisiness logo for Wilde Earth Journeys, containg the text an image of a robin and a buzzard

The home of Forest Bathing in
“The Forest”


Bisiness logo for Wilde Earth Journeys, containg the text an image of a robin and a buzzard

The Forest of Dean


Formally known as The Royal Forest of Dean, once the hunting grounds of Kings, this land is steeped in history and legend. 

Join us for your adventure, experiencing nature in new and exciting ways.

Slow down, celebrate, connect, and be.

Next Community Walk Soudley Ponds 25th June 24
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"A Heart Shaped Land Between Two Rivers" - Dennis Potter

FREE Walks every 2 week as part of Nature on Prescription
Forest Bathing in The Forest of Dean
Secret Sounds of the Forest Walk


We aim to ensure an accessible experience for all. We ask you to share with us your specific needs, and we will work with you to enable the best possible experience and nature immersion

In nature, we honor, create and empower


Following our passions, we have grown and developed organically.

In nature, we hold conscious space for honoring, celebrating, and empowering.

After being invited by friends and clients to hold conscious space for life events, our roles as Intuitive Celebrants began and has evolved organically ever since. Wild Coaching is a natural aspect of being in nature with clients, where possible we swap therapy rooms for nature, exploring the environment as we explore any problems, revealing powerful and empowering change.

As Intuitive Celebrants, Wild Coaches, and Shinrin Yoku Guides, we create spaces that calm, nurture, awaken and restore. We bring presence, awareness, humility, respect, intuition, humor, and Integrity to:

Weddings, EngagementsHandfastings, Vow renewals Conscious uncouplings, Land blessings, Soul welcoming, Naming,  Soul honoring, Rights of passage, Initiations, Shinrin Yoku, Wild Coaching

We are not affiliated with any group or organisation, we are insured and skilled in our offerings as we choose to work with mentors as our teachers and guides, whom we respect and trust.

Talk with us to learn more and understand how we meet your needs


(remember its Wilde, will and 'e' :0)


"I would highly recommend anyone to try out one of these fabulous walks. I do spend a lot of time in the forest but this really opened my eyes to something quite different, something I haven't experienced before. Really good for the soul.

Looking forward to the next one.


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