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The home of Forest Bathing in
“The Forest”


Welcome to the home of

Wilde Earth Journeys,

the place to celebrate in, and connect with nature.



of offer from Wilde Earth Journeys

always email if you have any questions:

"A Heart Shaped Land Between Two Rivers" - Dennis Potter

Wild Earth Journeys has teamed up with  Practitioner Steven Gregory to bring you this opportunity.


Mindful Photography is a practice that combines mindfulness and photography to help individuals connect with their environment and promote wellbeing.


Through this practice, individuals can use photography to observe their surroundings in a mindful way, creating a greater sense of awareness and connection with nature.


This practice has been shown to improve resilience and promote feelings of wellbeing. Mindful Photography is a great way to explore and observe the world around you, while also cultivating a sense of inner peace and joy.


Todays fast paced world makes it a challenge to take time for ourselves to focus on wellbeing and all this means for you. 


Take this opportunity now, to make time for you.


We seek to promote:

  • awareness of emotions and motivation
  • staying calm
  • a positive mindset
  • empowering focus
  • enabling wellbeing and resilience


Most of all engaging in simple joy and fun, keeping wellbeing simple and accessible to all.


The next workshop is  1 pm - 3 pm.


  • Saturday, 4th November - Spruce Ride, nr. Speech House


Do join us on one or more than one, and if you wish to create a bespoke package contact us for options and pricing.


Do bring any snacks and refreshments you may need while the workshop is running.


We will email you any joining instructions and directions after you place your order.


Remember, dress appropriately for the weather and footwear for walking outdoors.


We look forward to meeting you there.



Mindful Photography

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