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... creating spaces that calm, nurture, awaken and restore

The home of Forest Bathing in
“The Forest”


Welcome to the home of

Wilde Earth Journeys,

the place to celebrate in, and connect with nature.



of offer from Wilde Earth Journeys

always email if you have any questions:

"A Heart Shaped Land Between Two Rivers" - Dennis Potter

Build a team in nature.

Bring the team together to slow down explore and bond.

The perfect mix of wellbeing and skill. Developing individuals and honing a team.


Starting from just £80pp  (min. of 6 required)

We discuss your specific ideas and share how we can tailor the offer to fulfil your needs.


Must be booked with at least 3 weeks notice and is subject to availability. Gift vouchers available that can them be redeemed on your chosen date.

Email to check availability. 

Team Experience

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